Workshops provide photographers with an opportunity to receive dedicated one-on-one teaching from Will Reid. Every session is designed to strengthen your craft as a photographer and business owner through practical and instructional learning. Sessions range from Portfolio Curation Coaching to Two-Day Workshops.


The Portfolio Curation Coaching Sessions are best suited for those who already have a handle on shooting and have found "their voice" in creating original work, yet still are struggling to book their dream clients. Will Reid will deconstruct your portfolio alongside you to place your best work first and to attract the clientele you've been striving for.

The One-Day and Two-Day Workshops include portfolio curation sessions and are in-depth studies into your business, your work, and insight into everything Will Reid has learned. These workshops are designed for those who are either still searching for "their voice" or are wanting to launch their career into a new level. Each day comes with 6 hours of instructional learning and a styled shoot (tailored to your goals and desired clientele) where you shoot alongside Will Reid and learn how he achieves the authentic yet stylized images in his portfolio.